Stubbornly Curly Hair / Indómito Pelo Rizado

Palos Verdes Peninsula, California (2015)

(English text follows below) Por supuesto, ella detesta la foto de arriba porque su pelo luce  salvaje e indomable.  A mi, por otra parte, me encanta la foto porque su pelo está -precisamente- libre e ingobernable. En nuestros paises hay un estigma asociado a los pelos indómitos y rizados. “Pelo Malo” es una película venezolana reciente que examina este estigma arraigado en la cultura de aquel país sudamericano. En cuanto a mi, con mi calvicie galopante, yo agradecería tener más pelo, no me importa si es pelo “bueno” o pelo “malo”.


Needless to say, she hates this photograph to death: she thinks that her curly hair looks way too wild and unruly. I, on the other hand, love this picture for the very same reasons she hates it: i love it because her curly hair appears here as wild and indomitable. In our countries, there is a stigma associated with stubborn curly hairs. “Pelo Malo” (Bad Hair) is a recent Venezuelan movie that depicts the stigma in question, which is imbedded in the culture of that South American country. As I grow balder every year, I would be very happy if I were to have just a bit more of hair on my head, I don’t care if the hair is of  the “good” or the “bad” type.

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