Angie’s Wieners & Language / Las salchichas de Angie y el Lenguaje

A quick discussion on language as an effective or ineffective means to reach people. Angie’s Food Truck and Bible interpretation as examples.

Angie's Wieners truck

Angie’s Wieners Food Truck near Av. of the Stars, Los Angeles (2015)

(English version follows below) Toparse con el carro de comida de Angie, no es una ocurrencia improbable en Los Angeles. Angie tiene un negocio floreciente,  basado en el re-empacado de un producto harto popular (perros calientes), un carro de comida vistoso y la venta de  una imágen sexy. El lema de su negocio  (“The biggest wieners and the hottest buns”) es un acierto publicitario. Aún lindando con lo vulgar,  Angie (o sus publicistas, más bien) usa el lenguaje efectivamente y humorísticamente: lo deja respirar y le da una cualidad de porosidad. Lo que se dice y lo que se entiende son dos cosas diferentes. El tema me parece intrigante, pues los seres humanos damos una importancia exagerada -y a veces demasiado literal- a las palabras en nuestras vidas. Con frecuencia, confundimos el significado con la palabra*


Bumping into Angie’s food truck is not an unlikely event here in Los Angeles. Angie’s business is fairly trivial (selling hot dogs) yet it is successful. Of course her truck is colorful… so is the catchy business phrase and her sexy picture on the truck. Angie (or her publicists, perhaps) uses language effectively and humorously, even if racy.  She allows language to breathe with possibilities, which is an unusual occurrence. What people say is different from what people understand. The subject of “language” is particularly intriguing to me because we, humans, tend to read words too literally and we give words an importance they may not have. All too frequent, we mix up the content with the container *

Author: Constantino

A Chemical Engineer born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He has worked for the oil refining industry in threes countries under different capacities. With photography and writing as hobbies, he has traveled the world (and has still to settle somewhere). Loves movies, Latin Jazz, black coffee and red wine... Kampai!

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