Young bodies, rocky island / Cuerpos jóvenes, isla rocosa

Young, pain-free bodies are one with nature. But old, painful bodies too because, after all, pain is natural.



A rocky beach in Eastern Venezuela, somewhere in Estado Anzoátegui or Monagas, August (1994)

(English text follows below). Una brisa gentil acaricia la tarde en una playa caribeña, a la puesta de sol. Los cuerpos jóvenes son inmunes al dolor: son uno con la naturaleza y con los rayos dorados del sol poniente. Y los cuerpos viejos? No se equivoque usted: ellos también son uno con la naturaleza, que a veces es dolorosa. Los cuerpos viejos admiran tiernamente a los más jóvenes. Los cuerpos viejos les ofrecen compasión y entendimiento. Ya saben, los viejos, lo que le depara a los jóvenes *


A gentle afternoon breeze blows in a Caribbean beach, by dusk. Younger bodies are immune to pain, younger bodies are one with nature and one with the golden flashes of a setting sun. Older bodies? They are also one in nature, don’t get me wrong. Nature too can be painful. Older bodies admire, tenderly, the younger ones. Older bodies offer compassion and understanding. Older bodies know, already, what’s in store for the young *

Author: Constantino

A Chemical Engineer born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He has worked for the oil refining industry in threes countries under different capacities. With photography and writing as hobbies, he has traveled the world (and has still to settle somewhere). Loves movies, Latin Jazz, black coffee and red wine... Kampai!

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