Pablo & Friends / Pablo y sus Amigos

“Nostalgia is a seductive liar” – George Ball.


Near Lake Ponca, Ponca City, Oklahoma  (4th of July, 2005)

Aún con la granulación fuerte de la foto (o quizás por eso mismo), esta imágen de Pablo y sus amigos me parece fascinante y me despierta una fuerte nostalgia. El momento fue capturado una tibia noche de verano -cocuyos por doquier- a la espera de los fuegos artificiales del día de Independencia de Estados Unidos, cerca del Lago Ponca, en Ponca City, Oklahoma. No sé de dónde viene la nostalgia. Será por lo que ahora percibo como tiempos más serenos y apacibles? Será por la certeza de que más nunca nuestros hijos tendrán nueve años otra vez? Será por el deseo de retroceder a la infancia risueña y tontuela? Será por todas esas amistades a las que hemos perdido la pista y más nunca veremos? Sea lo que sea, qué importa ya! *


Even with its coarse granularity (or perhaps because of that), this picture of Pablo and his friends strikes me as fascinating and it stirs some strong nostalgia in me. The moment was captured during a balmy summer night -fireflies everywhere-  while waiting for the 4th of July fireworks display near Lake Ponca, Ponca City, Oklahoma. I have no clues why I feel this nostalgia. Would it be because I think of those years as a quieter, more relaxing time? Would it be because of the realization that our kids will never be nine years-old again? Would it be because of that unattainable dream of returning to a silly, worry-free childhood? Would it be because of those friends of whom we lost track and whom we will never see again?  Whatever the reason is, it matters no more! *

Author: Constantino

A Chemical Engineer born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He has worked for the oil refining industry in threes countries under different capacities. With photography and writing as hobbies, he has traveled the world (and has still to settle somewhere). Loves movies, Latin Jazz, black coffee and red wine... Kampai!

2 thoughts on “Pablo & Friends / Pablo y sus Amigos”

  1. Wonderful. How blessed you are. I believe Gabo said something to the effect that nostalgia grows more lucid and “recent” the older we get, but that is not a bad thing; rather that is the poetry of life. (Apologies to Gabo [his spirit] for not remembering or paraphrasing very well…)


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