Baseball rituals / Rituales beibolísticos

“Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored” – Terry Tempest William


A Mega Church crowd? No, just people gathered to watch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, Chicago-Illinois (2009)

(English version follows below) Un juego de pelota sirve para satisfacer la necesidad colectiva de rituales. En ese sentido, acudir a un estadio de beisbol es similar a visitar una iglesia cristiana durante la celebración semanal de la misa, y perdone el lector cristiano la comparación. Los rituales comprenden una secuencia trillada y harto conocida de eventos, una repetición ad nauseam de las misma acciones familiares y los mismos gestos. En general, conocemos  lo que transpirará en un juego de pelota mucho antes de que comience. Sabemos las reglas, estamos seguros que habrá bateadores “ponchados”, disfrutaremos de “jits”, “doblepleis”y quizás hasta de un “jonrón” o dos. El sólo hecho de conocer el juego nos hace partícipes del ritual.  Cuando los fanáticos del beisbol de grandes ligas se paran de sus asientos en el séptimo inning para cantar “Take me out to the ballgame”, recuerdo a los feligreses que cantan al unísono un Aleluya durante la misa. Pensándolo bien, el beisbol es verdaderamente una experiencia religiosa *



ATT Baseball Park, Giants vs Rockies, San Francisco, California (2016)

At the root of it, baseball games seeks to satisfy a collective need of rituals. Rituals are the same stuff that attracts Christians to church during Sunday mass celebrations, just to name an example. Rituals encompass a trite and well known sequence of events, a repetition ad nauseam of the same familiar actions and gestures. In general, we know well what will transpire in a baseball game even before it starts. We know the rules of the game, we know batters will strike out, there will be hits, double-plays, perhaps a home-run or two. Just knowing -if nothing else- makes us participants of the ritual. As baseball fans stand up from their seats, stretch and start singing the traditional “Take me out to the ball game”, I can’t help but to remember those church goers singing the Alleluia during mass celebrations. Baseball is, come to think about it, a truly religious experience *

Author: Constantino

A Chemical Engineer born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He has worked for the oil refining industry in threes countries under different capacities. With photography and writing as hobbies, he has traveled the world (and has still to settle somewhere). Loves movies, Latin Jazz, black coffee and red wine... Kampai!

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