Crowds everywhere / Muchedumbres en todas partes 

Crowds: hordes of people with a mysterious, often opaque, way of self organization.


Chinatown’s Summer Nights event, Los Angeles (2016)

(English version follows below) Cuando me sumerjo en la energía de una multitud, ronda la pregunta: de dónde surge toda esta vitalidad? Más aún: cómo es que sentimos toda esta energía humana, en primer lugar?  Las multitudes electrifican, reverberan, gritan, observan, bailan, cantan al unísono. Las multitudes se mueven coordinadamente de formas y maneras impredecibles. La multitud va más allá de una simple aritmética: una multitud no suma ni multiplica sino que exponencia. Es fácil perderse en la multitud y es aún más fácil incorporarse a su tejido. Basta con dejarse llevar y seguir la dirección de las masas *

As we dwell in the energy of a crowd, a natural question arises: where does all of this vibrancy come from?  A more interesting question would perhaps be: how is it that we can feel that human energy in the first place? Crowds electrify, reverberate, scream, watch together, dance and sing along. Crowds move organically in unsuspected ways. Crowds are much more than simple arithmetic, crowds don’t add nor they multiply, they exponentiate. It is easy to get lost in a crowd and even easier to become part of its fabric. You just let yourself go and follow the lead of the masses  *

Author: Constantino

A Chemical Engineer born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He has worked for the oil refining industry in threes countries under different capacities. With photography and writing as hobbies, he has traveled the world (and has still to settle somewhere). Loves movies, Latin Jazz, black coffee and red wine... Kampai!

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