Tick-tock goes the clock

Union Station, downtown Los Angeles, California (2015)

“Where did all time go???” a question -and a complaint-  that plagues us, as we grow older. We like to think of time as something we can control and hold in our hands, some palpable stuff. When we are young, life consists of countless possibilities. So many open doors, so much time in our hands! But this world of our youth shrinks and shrinks at each tick of the clock. With ever sharper clarity, we realize that those possibilities are nothing but illusions. One and only one exit awaits us. Old age teaches us that each moment needs to be experienced as if it were an eternity. I still get the goosebumps when I remember the wall clock in the family house of our childhood years: each second clearly marked by the moving pendulum and the top of the hour loudly announced with the strike of the bell. A bold reminder that yet one more hour has passed  *


Taki watches in a store vitrine, Avalon, Catalina Island, California (2015)

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