From an uncle’s perspective / Desde la perspectiva de un tío

Leyla takes a stroll in Venice Beach, Los Angeles (2016)

Being an uncle is such a great life accident. Perhaps second only to being a grandfather. Nieces and nephews are nothing but pure joy. Yet, these kids are not your kids. You get to enjoy them and their parents are the ones getting the heart-burns, high blood pressure and headaches. So, thank you siblings, for making me an uncle!  *

DSC_0481 - Version 2

Ella enjoys the sunshine at Terranea, Palos Verdes, Los Angeles (2014)

Ser tío es chevere: un estado accidental que solamente el ser abuelo puede quizás superar. Sobrinos y sobrinas no traen sino pura alegría. Y lo mejor de todo es que estos chamos no son tus chamos. Los disfrutas y los padres son los que sufren las úlceras, la presión arterial alta y los dolores de cabeza. Así que, hermanos míos, gracias por hacerme tío! *

Version 2

Gael at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, Los Angeles (2014)



Pablo gives a rare thumbs-up in Venice Beach, Los Angeles (2016)



Ruben and I enjoy some quiet time at a legendary “Tim Hortons” Coffee and Donuts shop, Montreal (2006) (Photo by Pablo-son?)



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