Getting cozy with darkness / Más cómodos con la oscuridad

View from US Bank tower at downtown Los Angeles, looking West, OUE Skyspace

View from the US Bank tower in downtown Los Angeles, looking West to the ocean & Santa Mónica Mountains, OUE Skyspace, Los Angeles (2016)

(versión en español abajo) Our moral minds have always pushed us, westerners, away from darkness. A certain sense of morality is inevitable and, indeed, beneficial for human survival and social order . But obliterating anything and everything in the realm of darkness is a dangerous proposition and can easily backfire. Demonizing, vilifying and rejecting: three verbs that hide our fear of darkness and our proverbial ignorance about death, all too frequent reactions of the “modern” man. Yet, moving in just the opposite direction and embracing (not necessarily approving) the very same things that we reject may actually bring much needed balance to our minds and souls. Pause and think about it: darkness might not be your cup of tea and neither is mine, but are we not giving it more power than it deserves? Oddly enough, by accepting darkness in incremental doses, we can silently create a more luminous world.  *


Nuestra moralidad nos ha empujado (a nosotros, los occidentales) bien lejos de la oscuridad. Cierto sentido moral es inevitable en la vida humana y es, de hecho, beneficioso para la supervivencia y el orden social. Mas obliterar todo aquello que pertenezca aproximadamente en el reino de la oscuridad es una proposición peligrosa y con consecuencias. Demonizar, abominar y rechazar: tres verbos que no hacen más que esconder nuestro miedo a la oscuridad y nuestra ignorancia proverbial sobre la muerte, reacciones demasiado frecuentes del hombre “moderno”. Moviéndonos en exactamente la dirección opuesta y aceptándo (ojo, no necesariamente aprobando) las mismas cosas que hoy abominamos puede, de hecho, traer un equilibrio psicológico muy necesitado. Piensa sobre ello: a lo mejor rechazas la ouscuridad y yo tampoco la aupo, pero no le estamos dando una fuerza que en realidad no posee?  Extrañamente, al aceptar la oscuridad en dosis incrementales, nos situamos en mejor posición para crear un mundo más luminoso *


  1. Very nice, Constantino. As usual, your post leaves me thinking…

    What comes to my mind now is the idea that when one closes their eyes, there is darkness, and the mind can either focus more strongly on an idea/concept or allow things to just flow (as when meditating or even just lounging about, if you will). Either way, it is in this darkness that one’s character, belief, willpower and moral views can become self evident (the visual distractions allow us to “see” better, not just ideas and concepts, but ourselves, too). I think metaphorically as well it is being in the darkness where we can find our strength and conviction. Besides, light always comes after dark. Let’s get cozy with it, indeed.


    1. Thanks Angel, that is a wonderful insight! Yes, darkness and nothingness are the place where things come to life. I love the idea of closing the eyes to access darkness, a place where most of us don’t want to be.

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