Latin Jazz/ Jazz Latin

Poncho Sánchez & his band at Typhoon, Santa Mónica, Los Angeles (December 2015)

Latin Jazz takes the sophistication of American Jazz, its improvisational and fun qualities and blend these with congas, “timbales” and Afro-Cuban rhythmic patterns. The resulting music is infectious, highly creative, danceable for the most part and great material for ear-worms. The energy latent in a Latin Jazz tune reaches levels hard to surpass, as “ostinatos” keep pounding the listeners, almost viciously. This musical gender reflects the musical sensibilities of guys who grew up on Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Son Cubano, Danzón and other Caribbean rhythms and eventually became interested in Jazz. As with the more general gender of Jazz music, Latin Jazz is an endangered musical species, but it is not quiet dead, fortunately. Musical rivers have converged in Southern California, where the guy in the picture above performs every weekend in different local venues. The music of Poncho Sánchez -a Grammy award winner- flows smoothly and with precision. Full rhythmic sounds strike our senses. While Poncho plays, people just can’t remain quiet: they will raise from their seats and start moving their feet and hips*


El Jazz Latino toma la sofisticación del Jazz, sus cualidades improvisacionales y divertidas y las mezcla con congas, timbales y patrones rítimicos afro-cubanos. La música resultante es altamente contagiosa, creativa, bailable (la mayor parte del tiempo) y “pegajosa”. La energía que alcanza una pieza de Jazz latino es difícil de sobrepasar en la medida que los “ostinatos” continúen llegando a los oídos del escucha. El género musical refleja muy bien las sensibilidades musicales de aquellos que crecieron con Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Son Cubano, Danzón y tantos otros ritmos caribeños y eventualmente se interesaron por el Jazz. Como con otros géneros de Jazz, el latino es una especie musical en extinción pero aún no retirada completamente, con fortuna. Todos los ríos musicales finalmente convergen aquí en el sur de California, donde el señor de la foto arriba toca en clubes y bares de Jazz locales. La música de Poncho Sánchez -ganador del Grammy-  fluye sólida y con precisión. Como si fuera tan fácil lograrlo! Los sonidos rítmicos golpean nuestros sentidos. Cuando Ponchó toca, la gente no se queda tranquila: los pies y las caderas cobran vida de cuenta propia *


  1. Wow, great. I just noticed this on a casual glimpse. … I’d like to thank you for liking a few of my posts recently. I look forward to reading up on your blog and following you. I really enjoyed your current post ‘Sources of Consciousness’. It involves a theme I am very pensive about these days. … Well, it’s nice to have “met” you… Since you love latin jazz, may I suggest for your listening pleasure (I hope) a mix I have on my SoundCloud page. It includes not only jazzy sounds (Poncho is there!) but some traditional genres. I do hope you like it. Cordialmente, Angel.

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    1. Angel! Thanks very much for your comments and your link. I like your photography, is full of life! I will take the time to listen to the music, I look forward to it. I will get back to you later in the week on this. Be well!

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  2. You are very welcome.
    Oh… I didn’t realize that by putting in a simple URL link it would automatically generate a big banner like that. Sorry I didn’t mean that–feel free to remove it if you wish to keep this page clean.


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