About this Blog

Welcome to “Scribbles & Photos” !

This blog is a collection of short essays that were inspired in photographs. Both, the writings and the images are original, copyrighted work, unless indicated otherwise. The content of one blog post typically encompasses a picture followed by the actual essay. This is an English-Spanish, bilingual blog. Posts are revised and renewed and the whole blog is a work in progress.

Although the content of the essays might seem random at first glance, there are some common threads that unify the posts. Personal essays reflect the specific world view of the author, a word view that has taken many years, readings and experiences to build. And yet the author recognizes that truth is a relative term and getting to uncover truth is a titanic task in itself. This blog only scratches the surface.

I hope that reading these posts will stir your curiosity and your imagination. Feel free to send me your comments and own opinions!