Guidelines to posts

This blog combines photography, writing and memories. Each post, hopefully, will have a little bit of all of these. Here are the three easy-to-follow, self-imposed rules for posts coming out of this blog:

Photography- Every photograph shall be visually pleasant.  “Visually pleasant” does not mean  an over-the-top, award-winning, super-creative photograph. It just means a decent photo. A photo that has a decent composition, the image is focused, it has sufficient resolution and it has little to no distracting elements. Thus, anyone can take a decent photo. Especially in this day and age, when built-in cameras in cell phones produce such amazing photographic results.

Writing- The writing will convey an idea, memory and/or emotion that somehow connects with the picture. Again, not looking for award-winning writing or literary writing. The writer will use short, concise phrases and plain language. Every post will be delivered in either English or Spanish or both. Succinct is best, not trying to test the readers’ patience. For the sake of simplicity, the writing will consist of one or two paragraphs per post.

Memories- If you think that all of the above is subjective, then this is even more so. Memories are always subjective and made of wishy-washy stuff. Hopefully, when someone writes about a photograph that was taken in the past, a memory will automatically surface. If an emotion comes attached with that memory, then that is even better. Emotions may simply come out naturally as the readers and the author share the same experience or a similar one.

And that’s all; really.


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