Curious Billboards / Curiosas Vallas Publicitarias 

In rare occasions, billboards showcase personal messages. In such instances, billboards will become a strong attention magnet.


Does love ever die? / Muere el amor alguna vez?

Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. Can we say the same of love?


Rubaiyats / Las Rubaiatas

In the mid 80’s, I stumbled upon the “Rubayaits” by Omar Khayyam, a poet who lived in the 12th century Persia. These poems are not about love but they do speak of the transience of things – just what young passionate lovers need to hear. Thirty years later (and a waning passion), this little reading gem still rings true to me.

Caraqueños face-paint themselves just before the final game of the 1994 (Soccer) World Cup

Your team, our team / Su equipo, nuestro equipo

Your victories are our victories!. But make no mistakes: we don’t take your victories -or your defeats- too seriously.

Sundown from El Camellón, Santa Marta, Colombia (1993)

One more sunset / Una puesta de sol más

Sundown at “El Camellón”,  Santa Marta, Colombia (1993) (English version follows below) Mientras transito por la iconica “Sunset Boulevard” de … More


Once upon a time: hair / Había una vez pelo

“I love bald men. Just because you’ve lost your fuzz, don’t mean you ain’t a peach!” [Dolly Parton]


The unapologetically colorful tropics / Trópicos coloridos, sin reservas

For the unaware North American or European traveler who first arrives in the tropics, a pleasant surprise awaits. Against the reference background of northerner landscapes, the colors of the tropics do stand out boldly.


Of one city, all cities / De una ciudad, todas las ciudades

Commonalities among cities are easy to spot. Actually, cities differ only in their local color. In a sense, once you have been to one city, you have been to all. And, yet, you should not give up your thirst to explore new cities.

Primos en Caracas

Children of Aunts & Uncles / Hijos de Tías y Tíos

Family unity among my cousins continues, a sense of nostalgia keeps growing and the joking around does not stop. My cousins are a living example of “the more, the merrier”!