No more labels, s’il vous plait / No más etiquetas, per piacere

Let us face it: we are all citizens of the world and no “identity” label is big enough to describe us *


Pronunciation & Communication / Pronunciación y Comunicación 

Pronunciation is the way to communication. Failing to prounce words like the locals may result in miscommunication…an all-too -common situation for non-native English speakers!

Latin Jazz/ Jazz Latino

Latin Jazz takes the sophistication of Jazz and blends it with Afro-Cuban rhythmic patterns. The resulting blend just hits the spot.


Mr. Marland, the migrant / El migrante Sr. Marland

E.W. Marland came from another state and established his residence in Ponca City, Oklahoma, from all the places, in the early 20th century. Much later, I followed on Mr. Marland’ footsteps…


The German neighbor / El vecino alemán

Torre Andrés Bello, Apt. 16-B, Caracas, Venezuela (December 1991) (English text follows below) Puedes escoger a tus vecinos?  La mayoría … More