Pronunciation & Communication / Pronunciación y Comunicación 

Pronunciation is the way to communication. Failing to prounce words like the locals may result in miscommunication…an all-too -common situation for non-native English speakers!

Please, be moral

Immoral acts: more questions than answers / Actos Inmorales: más preguntas que respuestas

Attempts to establish what is good and what is bad is a lost battle. Church signs -like the one shown here- are examples of the limitations of language and illustrations of futile attempts to regulate morality

Church sign sayings / Anuncios de iglesias

Church signs as means to quickly and effectively communicate a message. Here is a Ponca City example.

Angie's Wieners truck

Angie’s Wieners & Language / Las salchichas de Angie y el Lenguaje

A quick discussion on language as an effective or ineffective means to reach people. Angie’s Food Truck and Bible interpretation as examples.


A guitar that was a violin / Una guitarra que fué violín

Península Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, California (September 2014). Aprecio mucho la música, pero nunca tuve la valentía de aprender a … More

Young woman in Venice

Venice, East & West / Venecia, Este y Oeste

Venice canals, Venice, Italy (1960) (English text follows below). Esta foto de mi joven mamá, captura un momento en su … More