What does an outstanding Toastmaster look like? 

I wrote this little -but heartfelt- three-minutes tribute to a dear fellow Toastmaster, Hilary, of the Bartlesville Club in Oklahoma in January 2014. I keep exceptional memories of my Toastmasters friends.

Books arrangement at "The Last Bookstore", downtown, Los Angeles, California

Books & Bookstores / Libros y librerías

How about pausing from your daily frenzy?. Read a book! Better than watching TV or browsing the Internet.


Pablo & Friends / Pablo y sus Amigos

“Nostalgia is a seductive liar” – George Ball.

Fruit basket

Still  but vibrant / Quieta pero vibrante

We may be fooled that this life is still. Far from that, it is vibrant changing and evolving.

Mammatus clouds

Where beauty lies / Donde reside la belleza

Where does beauty reside? There are many answers to that question. But in Oklahoma at least, beauty reaches you from up above.

Rumble Fish Tulsa Downtown

Rumble Fish Tulsa / La Tulsa de “Rumble Fish”

Tulsa -also known as T-town- has lost some of its luster to Oklahoma City. But it remains a vital city, as its recent past is revealed in its Art Deco buildings and its weird sightseeing destinations.


Church sign sayings / Anuncios de iglesias

Church signs as means to quickly and effectively communicate a message. Here is a Ponca City example.


Mr. Marland, the migrant / El migrante Sr. Marland

E.W. Marland came from another state and established his residence in Ponca City, Oklahoma, from all the places, in the early 20th century. Much later, I followed on Mr. Marland’ footsteps…