Curious Billboards / Curiosas Vallas Publicitarias 

In rare occasions, billboards showcase personal messages. In such instances, billboards will become a strong attention magnet.


Meet your party pooper / Descubra quien arruina su fiesta

“What if Eve gets pregnant?”, asked Adam in the Garden of Eden….Shortly after, the biblical couple lost their paradise. This post revisits the old Genesis story, with fresh new eyes and an empty mind.

Visual arts & Nature

Both, the observer and the artist are part of nature. Where does that leave the piece of art?


U.S. National Parks 

Paying a visit to one US National Park is completely worth your time and effort.


Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Hiroshima

In a time of nuclear threats, remembering Hiroshima becomes more relevant than ever before.


Minimalism / Minimalismo

Finding beauty in simplicity is a yearning embedded in human nature. Minimalism -as an expression of simplicity- lives in the most unexpected places.


Going and returning / Ir y venir

“There is nothing that involves only going without returning. It is the nature of Heaven and Earth. Where there is going, there also must be returning” – I Ching.

Cafe Du Monde, Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana

Cafe Du Monde, 1991

New Orleans by the Mississippi. New Orleans during Mardi Gras. And then, of course, the beloved Cafe Du Monde!


Of scenic routes & roses / De rosas y carreteras 

Instead of taking the highway, try driving the road less traveled and go on exploring the scenic route. Very likely, you will not regret it.