Curious Billboards / Curiosas Vallas Publicitarias 

In rare occasions, billboards showcase personal messages. In such instances, billboards will become a strong attention magnet.


Meet your party pooper / Descubra quien arruina su fiesta

“What if Eve gets pregnant?”, asked Adam in the Garden of Eden….Shortly after, the biblical couple lost their paradise. This post revisits the old Genesis story, with fresh new eyes and an empty mind.

Same blog, a second life / El mismo blog, nuevos aires

“Escribe, que algo queda” – Kotepa Delgado (a Venezuelan journalist)


The way to a man’s heart / El camino al corazón

Love and food may just be the same thing.


Crowds everywhere / Muchedumbres en todas partes 

Crowds: hordes of people with a mysterious, often opaque, way of self organization.


The unapologetically colorful tropics / Trópicos coloridos, sin reservas

For the unaware North American or European traveler who first arrives in the tropics, a pleasant surprise awaits. Against the reference background of northerner landscapes, the colors of the tropics do stand out boldly.

Please, be moral

Immoral acts: more questions than answers / Actos Inmorales: más preguntas que respuestas

Attempts to establish what is good and what is bad is a lost battle. Church signs -like the one shown here- are examples of the limitations of language and illustrations of futile attempts to regulate morality


Sources of consciousness / Focos de consciencia

Humans are the most ordinary and prevalent creatures walking on earth. Yet, each one of us is a source of consciousness and consciousness is no little thing. After all, we are the entire universe looking back at itself.

Archetytical gestures

Archetypal gestures / Gestos arquetípicos

Human gestures are universal: they do not belong to any particular individual. We repeat those very same gestures over and over again, across generations and generations of men and women, and so, ad infinitum.

Transit of Venus, June 6, 2012

Backyard Astronomy / Astronomía de patio

There is enjoyment to be had watching sky shows such as this Venus transit across the Sun. My interest in Astronomy is shared with many others who happened to be growing up when the man was walking on the moon, back in the 60’s and 70’s.